Several weeks ago I wrote about our new chore chart system for the kids. The chart has been downloaded nearly 275 times! Thank you!  It is very simple, very easy for the kids to understand and it’s been working for us wonderfully.

There have been a few weeks when not a lot gets done, but that’s one of the beauties of this whole idea. If the kids really want to save up their money for certain things then they are pro-active about making sure they get their checkmarks in, when they are lax it helps them to realize that it’s partly their responsibility to get things done without having to be told. It’s also helping me to let go of the whole “it’s faster if I do it” mentality. Yes, it is faster when I do it. But I truly believe that it’s more a disservice to them, not letting them learn and grow and make mistakes.

Last week I finished the book Cleaning House A Mom’s 12-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement. I was hooked from the start. The book is easy to read because it was written like a blog post that the writer kept updating with new insight and info.

I knew before I was even very far into the book that I would be implementing several of the ideas in our house. My kids have taken to the chore system so well and I can already tell a difference in their attitudes about the housework. Of course there is still moaning and groaning at times when they are asked to take care of something, but at least they are starting to understand how all this work “magically” happens.

After finishing Cleaning House I put together a list of things I want the kids to know how to do well before they leave home. Even though I do not want to think about my kids leaving home right now, in reality, it is a few short years before they will be capable adults. I want to make sure of the capable part.

Maybe some of these are givens, maybe some seem ridiculous to put on a list, but I think that they are important. And I think that the sooner I stop “babying” them by doing everything for them, the much more confident and self-assured they will be.

Top 10 Things Kids Should Know Before Leaving Home

  1. how to make their beds and keep their room tidy
  2. how to plan a menu and grocery shop
  3. how to cook
  4. how to clean the kitchen
  5. how to clean the bathroom
  6. how to do laundry
  7. how to have good manners and to serve others
  8. how to do yard work
  9. how to take care of their skin, body, health
  10. how to budget their money

Now I know that this will be a work in progress, it will take time and even be several years before they begin to know some of these things. But I think with our chore system, and with updating it each year as they get older, by the time they are ready to fly the coop, they will be responsible and fully capable adults.

Do you have a list or plan for your kids before they leave home? Do you give them responsibility?


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Country Girl Chat Vol. 6

This week I have been rearranging my work schedules (again! but for the better) so I can HOPEFULLY be more efficient. I know that during the summer things are harder because the kids are at home and they want to swim or bowl or do all sorts of fun things so I am trying not to strap myself down too much yet still be able to get my work responsibilities taken care of.

I wrote a post for Girls Back to School Fashion. Can you believe that it’s already almost time for that?!?! I am so not ready and then again my work IS so ready!

Yesterday my babies went on their first ever road trip without their dad and I. My parents took them to Branson. They were SO EXCITED. I grew up going to Branson every single Summer and I have some very fun memories of that. I’m so glad my parents are still young enough and in good enough health that they can give that to my kids too. I was sorta kinda freaking out a little yesterday but I know they are having a blast and their dad and I are enjoying some time together to reconnect and talk.

Friday Mr. Right and the kids and I went to a local(ish) amusement park Frontier City, curtesy of a blogging campaign over on 5 Minutes for We had an absolute BLAST! The weather was PERFECT. 80 degrees in Oklahoma in the middle of July?! We cold not have asked for a better day. All the fun details will be up on later this week.

Interesting things I read this week:

You don’t have to do everything the experts say. I adore this post from Melissa at Blog Clarity. I feel this was about all things in life, not just business.

Danielle shares Confessions of a Work-at-Home Mom. She hits it right on the head. If you work from home and have kids, you have been there too. We all have. It can be so so hard. But it is so so worth it on the good days.


What interesting thing did you read this week? Share in the comments below.


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IF you even clicked over onto this post your probably rolling your eyes…Back to School ALREADY?! I know! I know! A lot of you have only been out for a couple of weeks, we on the other hand are almost halfway through our Summer break!

GIrls Back to School Fashion

I’m trying to keep it low key and not say too much about it to the kids because I want them to enjoy the rest of their summer the best they can. But I am planning ahead this year. Miss Thang is very picky about her clothes. And I just cannot be a mom who makes my kids wear things just because someone bought it for them.

Miss Thang is tricky though because I will see things I just KNOW she will love and when I show her she wrinkles her nose and says, “Sorry Mom, I don’t really like that.” WHAT?!

And then of course I’ll show her something I just know she WON’T like and she’s all “OOOOOHHHH I LOVE THAT!”

Wasn’t this stuff supposed to start in like 2-3 more years at least?!!?

Anyway, I do not shop for her without her being there with me. And I’ve learned that just because she likes it on the hanger DOES NOT mean she’ll like it on her person. I’ve learned to ask the question “Do you like this?” if yes, “Do you like it enough to wear to school multiple times?” is that answer is yes then we are good to go.

So. We’ve been online window shopping for new school clothes. Here are some Miss Thang approved picks.

I’ve always been baffled by the fact that back to school clothes advertisements are hoodies and long sleeves and fleece pants, which I know kids need for the better part of the school year, but my kids want to wear their new clothes NOW….not in four months when it’s finally cold enough to wear long sleeves and fleece pants. Maybe that’s only an issue in OK……if you know anything about weather in OK you know that you can be wearing shorts in December and sweatshirts in July in any given year. I have a picture of my kids playing the in the snow with short sleeves and Miss Thang is wearing a skirt. Weather in Oklahoma is WEEEEEIRD.

So, THAT, along with the fact that Miss Thang is pretty hot natured and DOES NOT LIKE long sleeves at all, all these looks are tanks or short sleeves. When it does finally get cold enough to need something more she adds zip hoodies or jean jackets. Only when it’s SUPER cold will she wear her big coat.


If a shirt says ANYthing about being a gymnast or gymnastics she will want it. THAT I can count on! This is super easy, tank & jean shorts.

Back to School Girl - Tank & Shorts


Miss Thang loves ombre, and she loves these sleeveless button ups. (Me too!)

Back to School Girl - Ombre & White


She (actually both of us!) loves zebra print and lime green. I like the cutesy sporty-ness of this look.

Back to School Girl - Black & White


Again, super easy, tee & skinny jeans.

Back to School Girl - Jeans & Tee


This is for those days when she just wants to be comfy.

Back to School Girl - Athletic


I love mix & match. So much more for your money. And the tribal/aztec prints are very on trend right now.

Back to School Girl - Aztec


Another gynmast/sporty look.

Girls Back to School Gray/Purple


I’m linking up with #FashionFriday here! Be sure to visit for all things fashionable!


If you have girls are they hard or easy to shop for? Are any girls easy to shop for?
Have you even started THINKING about back to school shopping yet?



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Country Girl Chat 5

Yesterday we threw a surprise Sweet Sixteen birthday party for my niece. We had originally planned a late “4th of July” cookout but decided that since our nieces 16th birthday was the very next week, and it was the same crowd either way, we would turn it into a surprise party. I threw a Luau party for my bestie when she turned 21 so we had all this luau party decor.

So our late “4th of July” cookout turned into a Patriotic Luau! We decorated with both Red, White & Blue, & the Luau decor. It was awesome. Mr. Right had a wiffle ball field set up and it was a a good night of fun, food, family, & friends!

I found out last week that there is only FIVE more weeks of our Summer Break! This is both horrid and kinda ok-ish. I miss my babies when they are at school and by the end of the school year (or honestly around Spring Break) I. AM. DONE. But at the same time, it’s a struggle to keep up with work and still have fun and relax with the kids. So we are putting a lot of our Summer Bucket List items on the calendar because if we don’t they won’t get done.

This weekend the kids are going on a weekend road trip with my parents. This is the first time they have ever done anything like that. They’ve both stayed a their Aunt’s & their grandparents house for multiple nights but never been that far away from home. I’m not quite sure about this, but I traveled with a family we were close too all over the country when I was a kid so I guess they’ll be ok. Maybe. They will probably be having so much fun they don’t even miss us!

I’m reading this book called Cleaning House ….. let me tell ya. It is full of AMAZINGNESS! When we started our chore chart system I planned something like what the book is about and I am DEFINITELY going to be doing something very similar.

I finally got an Elliptical. I have been after Mr. Right for ages to get my a treadmill but he refuses….says I won’t use it. So instead I’ve been using walking DVDs (which I LOVE). But a friend of my moms gave her an Elliptical several months ago and the plan was I’d just drive over there to use it….but it’s hard to commit to that when there’s a gym closer to my house AND on the way to and from the kids school, so I think I did that like twice.

I started trying to talk my mom into just giving me the Elliptical and she was fine with it but my dad was going to “start” using it. Uh huh. I finially convinced them to let me take it at least for a while. I’ve been using it every other day and it’s a lot harder than walking.

Ok on to the good stuff!

Interesting things I read this week:

Within just a couple of days I saw both this Loaded Baked Potato Salad and this Perfect Potato Salad with Bacon & Egg. Both of them made me want to get in the kitchen RIGHT NOW!

Cleaning House: A Mom’s Twelve Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement. This is the same book I was talking about earlier. And I ADORE that it’s written like blog posts or a journal. Makes it SO EASY to read.

And another gem from Living Well Spending Less: How I got My Kids to Eat Their Vegetables. I read this post and then told Mr. Right all about it. I have already started using some of her tips. We’ll see how this goes for us!

SO! What have you read this week? Share something with me in the comments below!

~Anna =)