Howdy!! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Anna. I Love God.

I grew up on 5 acres in Oklahoma. I wished it was 500. We had cows. I wanted horses. We had a farm. I wanted a ranch. I loved watching westerns, dreaming of what it would be like to live in the days when ranches in the west were common. I would have loved to have been more country than I was. I would have loved to be a true Cowgirl. But I’m country enough.

I am a wife & stay at home mom. Together my husband (Mr. Right) and I have the two most beautiful kiddos (Little Dude & Miss Thang) on the planet… really, they are the most beautiful.

I’m not biased or anything. :)

I love all things country. Not country blue and mauve. Real country- hay bales, old beat up trucks, spurs, cowboy hats & boots, rodeos, bull ridings, cows, horses, saddles, horseshoes, etc etc.

I adore paisley, argyle and plaid.

Palm trees and fleur de lis are pretty awesome too.

My favorite color is green, but blue is a very close second.

I have always wanted to be able to write. A book, an article, a short story, anything, just to write.

I am a list freak.

Nutella, iced coffee, Reese’s mini’s & Pepsi or Mt. Dew (depending if it’s a light or dark day) are crucial to my well being.

Green Eyed Country Girl is a lifestyle blog were I write about everyday life, household tips & tricks, menu plans, recipes, personal ponderings, fashion that I love (though I don’t consider myself a fashionista) and sometimes I write about my journey as a photographer.

I post random things about life at home with the 2 crazy kids and the 1 crazy husband. I love them. They are mine.

I have a pinterest board that has recipes to “try”  but to be honest will more than likely not ever be tried.

I love fashion. Polyvore is my friend. I like making outfits and then pretending I can afford to buy $6000 pairs of adorable shoes. (NOT.) I like to post my polyvore sets on here on Friday’s and act like I am super good at fashion. (Also NOT.)

I love taking photos. I love the creativity, making each photo mine. I love how being a photographer makes me look at everything differently than I used too. I look at the light differently, think about how something would or should be photographed. I love the editing process almost as much as the photographing. I like seeing how different effects can completely change the mood of a photo. I love the feeling of satisfaction when I know I have taken a good shot of something or someone.


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