So far in this impromptu blogging series I’ve shared my blogging workflow and my favorite wordpress plugins. Today I’ll share several tools I use to help with blogging. Besides writing on the blog there is interaction via commenting and social media. And there is reading blogs and also promoting others.

Google Calendar. This thing is a life saver. I like that it integrates with Google Tasks. As they put it in Minimalist Parenting:

Put every date and time specific detail in your life into your calendar. Everything else goes into your to-do list. Everything.

This has seriously been life changing for me. I currently have 6 calendars: The Family, Cleaning, Fitness, Menu Plan, Personal Work, & The Spa. I love that you can drag and drop items even repeating ones and it doesn’t mess up the following repeats.

To read blogs I use Feedly. It’s the closest thing to Google Reader (I’m still mad they closed it down!) I also like that it integrates with Pocket.

Pocket is my read later app of choice. I read about it on Amy Lynn Andrews and have loved it ever since. Any blog posts I want to be sure to comment on, not just share, I save to pocket if I’m not able to comment right then.

Buffer. I talked about Buffer a bit in Blogging Workflow. It’s amazing. I have a rule for myself when it comes to reading blogs, comment on or share EVERYTHING. I used to read read read and only comment if I was at the computer and it was easy (commenting on my phone is a pain in the rear!) but now if I can’t comment or it’s not something I want/need to comment on then I will at least share it. I feel like it’s the right thing to do. I’ve got Buffer downloaded on all my devices so that I can share easily without clogging up my social media channels all at one time.

ViralTag (formerly PinGraphy) is for bulk uploading pins to Pinterest and you can also schedule pins in advance. Scheduling is what I use it for the most. When it was PinGraphy it was free, it’s not now. I did let me feelings be known when they took it completely down and then showed back up charging people for the very same service and they made me a very generous offer.

Social Media is a huge part of blogging too. I used to sign up and try to be on every single channel. That is simply not reasonable. Now I am on Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, & Twitter. I like each of these for different reasons with Google+ being my favorite.


What tools do you use for blogging?

Which social media channel is your favorite?



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