Welcome back to Country Girl Chat! Country Girl Chat Vol. 6 This week I have been rearranging my work schedules (again! but for the better) so I can HOPEFULLY be more efficient. I know that during the summer things are harder because the kids are at home and they want to swim or bowl or do all sorts of fun things so I am trying not to strap myself down too much yet still be able to get my work responsibilities taken care of. I wrote a post for Girls Back to School Fashion. Can you believe that it’s already almost time for that?!?! I am so not ready and then again my work IS so ready! Yesterday my babies went on their first ever road trip without their dad and I. My parents took them to Branson. They were SO EXCITED. I grew up going to Branson every single Summer and I have some very fun memories of that. I’m so glad my parents are still young enough and in good enough health that they can give that to my kids too. I was sorta kinda freaking out a little yesterday but I know they are having a blast and their dad and I are enjoying some time together to reconnect and talk. Friday Mr. Right and the kids and I went to a local(ish) amusement park Frontier City, curtesy of a blogging campaign over on 5 Minutes for Mom.com. We had an absolute BLAST! The weather was PERFECT. 80 degrees in Oklahoma in the middle of July?! We cold not have asked for a better day. All the fun details will be up on 5MinutesforMom.com later this week. Interesting things I read this week: You don’t have to do everything the experts say. I adore this post from Melissa at Blog Clarity. I feel this was about all things in life, not just business. Danielle shares Confessions of a Work-at-Home Mom. She hits it right on the head. If you work from home and have kids, you have been there too. We all have. It can be so so hard. But it is so so worth it on the good days.

What interesting thing did you read this week? Share in the comments below.


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