So if you follow me on any of my social media channels you might have seen that I have a new blogging gig! I was accepted as a

Blogging and Social Media Intern for 5 Minutes For Mom!


I was BEYOND excited when I found out I was accepted. I applied for the first internship they had this past summer but wasn’t accepted. So when they opened up applications again for the fall round I applied again thinking, probably not going to happen, but we’ll see. Boy was I surprised when I got that email!!

It’s going to be a great learning experience for me and I’m so glad for the opportunity. I am a bit intimidated by it all but I know that it’s going to be useful and a lot of fun too. Plus I now have a “tribe” and we are helping to promote each others content as well as promote 5 minutes for Mom’s content.

The internships are just a part of what 5 Minutes for Mom is doing to help moms who want to work from home. They have an email list were they share targeted information about working from home, they have a WAHM Strategy Hour on Google+ Hangouts, and they have the internships.

To say that I have been busy and will be busy is an understatement! I have a lot on my plate right now but honestly I am enjoying being busier. I used to have a lot of empty space on my calendar and having more things to do is keeping me more motivated in working and in the household. I don’t see that I will need to slow down here on my blog but instead I hope to keep it hopping as well as the tasks I’ll be doing to the internship.

Do you like being constantly busy or is it even a choice for you?




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