My Skin Care Routine #Beauty

As a perk of being the virtual assistant for The Spa, I get to have lots of different facial treatments and procedures. I’ve written about my favorite treatment before, dermaplaning. This treatment gives you immediate results.

my skin care routine

Being immersed in skin care and facial treatments and the like I have started taking (trying to!) better care of my skin. I have never been that great with remembering to take meds routinely and it’s always been the same with taking care of my skin. Growing up I had severe eczema so you would think that I would have good skin care habits down pat.

But I don’t. I’m working on it, but as Type A and routine based as I am taking the care that I should take of my skin (face and body) just escapes me. It actually drives me crazy that I don’t have better self-discipline with it but like I said, I’m working on it.

And if I don’t get a handle on it now I am going to have older looking skin that I am. Not exactly what I want.

Anyway, I have to say that the dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels I get from The Spa are great. They are a large part of why my face is breaking out less and my skin looking much better than it has. I highly suggest getting a professional facial treatment routinely. I have the opportunity to get them every 2-3 weeks but even just once a month or once every other month is great!

But sometimes we are too busy or don’t have the funds to get professional facial treatments regularly. Taking good care of your skin at home is always a good option and can help greatly in keeping your skin free from blackheads & pimples, and your skin glowing.

Here is my morning and night skin care routine:

Morning & Evening routine:

1. Wash face (twice!), I was using a facial cleanser from The Spa but now I use Cetaphil. My super sensitive skin needs a gentle cleanser.
2. After drying my face I drop a few drops of IS Clinical active serum on my face (did you know always apply facial products thinnest to thickest?).
3. In the mornings I apply Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I read about this somewhere, I don’t remember where (I tried to find it). I like it, it makes my makeup go on super smooth and it gives me moisture without being thick like the creams I typically use.
4.In the evenings I use VaniCream Moisturizing Skin Cream. It is a medium thickness and it’s perfect for nighttime in the summer when you don’t want something heavy and thick. It’s also non-comedogenic so it won’t cause blackheads.


What is your must have product for morning or night?


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7 Responses to "My Skin Care Routine #Beauty"
  1. I love anything Olay for my face AND neck.

  2. right now I’m using a Lancome system that I really love. you’re lucky you get to try different processes at the spa! I’d love that!

    • Anna says:

      It is so much fun trying all the different treatments. But I know that if/when I ever leave that job I will miss it greatly!! :)

  3. I am trying much harder in recent years to really take good care of my skin too. I feel like, if I don’t do it now, I’m only getting older, right? I use facial make-up remover wipes each night and then an evening moisturizer… right now I’m using one from Olay that I really love. In the morning I make sure to moisturize and I use an eye cream pick-me-up from Tarte

    • Anna says:

      That’s exactly how I feel, if I don’t start now then I’m going to regret it. I think that a night cream is probably going to be the next thing that I need to add to my routine. Baby steps. :)

  4. Sounds great. I need to be more proactive about my skin care routine. Ever since having kids (some 10 years now), I have been lazy! Sometimes I go to bed without even washing my face! Gotta change that!

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