In June of 2013 I started working for a local spa doing virtual assistance. In January I started VA work for For the past two+ years I have also blogged here.

Plus I have a husband and 2 kids, a house, mountains of laundry, sinks full of dishes, and all the other household tasks that come with being a wife & mom.

morning & evening routines

It wasn’t too bad at all at first, I had previously has so much free time I was bouncing around bored outta my mind for a lot of hours on the days when the kids where at school. I did and still do want my blog to be bringing in a part time income and I’ve slowly but steadily been working at building my audience and following. But the blogging world is so saturated that it is hard to grow, it’s slow. But I still had so much time that taking on the two VA jobs was no big deal in theory.

After January though, I saw a decrease in my own site because I was juggling kids, house, & two jobs along with my own site. I knew that I could “do it all” (not really, but yes, I can do my home/family responsibilities & both my jobs, along with blogging) but I needed to readjust my daily schedule/routine so that I could get all my work done, keep the housework semi kept up with, and not let me own blog suffer and keep getting pushed to the back burner.

Every few months I need to tweak or sometimes even completely change my schedule/routine because of the time of year (such as holidays or school starting/stopping) and sometimes I just need to shake things up to keep from getting stuck in a rut.

In January I was getting up in the mornings and getting most of all my VA work for 5 Minutes for Mom done….but as with lots of new things it took me a few months to really settle into the job so most days I felt like I was working on everyone else’s work and never having time for my own.

Last month I switched things up.

This is my current morning schedule routine:

6:00 am Wake Up, Pray, Devotions, Read Bible
6:30 am Blog Reading/Commenting (usually about 15-20 minutes)
7-8:00 am Writing, Photo Editing, Social Media for Green Eyed Country Girl
8:30-10 :00 am Exercise, Shower, Dress, Breakfast
10-11:00 am Virtual Assistance work for 5 Minutes for Mom
11-11:30 am break (usually I will play with the kids, do a few household chores, check personal social media, etc.)
11:30-12:30 am Reading (I have to schedule my non-fiction reading or I would never finish the books, and I don’t usually read for the whole hour.)

I used to read to the kids before bed every single night, we stopped doing that toward the end of the school year when I started letting them stay up later so I want to start having family reading time in the afternoons. And I also do some social media sharing for 5 Minutes for Mom here and there through out the whole day as well as checking in on my blog’s social media periodically.

My evening routine is much shorter.

8:00 pm Kids bath time.
8:30 pm The kids and I straighten up the den/living areas if they haven’t already been done. (They do most of their chores during the afternoons and right after dinnertime.)
9:00 pm The kids and I brush our teeth and Miss Thang and I wash our faces.

After that is finished the kids settle in front of the tv to watch their current favorite show Fetch with Ruff Ruffman. And then I head to bed with the laptop and finish up any social media sharing I need to do before I fall asleep.

Mr. Right generally goes to bed a few hours before the rest of us because of his work schedule. The late afternoon’s and evening around dinnertime is when we hang out together and reconnect.

The morning routine has really helped me to keep up with all of my work responsibilities without feeling like I’m never getting anything done, and there’s enough cushion in my timing that if I wake up late or something takes longer than usual it doesn’t mess up my whole day.

The evening routine mostly ensures that I wake up to a (semi) straightened up house. Because my sanity relies on it.

Do you have a morning & evening routine?

Do you have to changes things up every once in a while?


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